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Posted: 09/Aug/18

Are You Still Eating Meat, Fish, Dairy And Eggs?
Did you know...

Every year in the UK approximately 2.6 million cattle, 10 million pigs, 14.5 million sheep and lambs, 80 million fish and 950 million birds are slaughtered for human consumption.

Pigs are curious and insightful animals who are widely accepted as being smarter than young children of at least 3 years of age, dogs, and even some primates.

There is substantial evidence that, just like mammals and birds, fish also experience conscious pain.
There’s now a large body of evidence that bowel cancer is more common among people who eat the most red and processed meat.

Hatcheries separate male chicks from female chicks through a process known as ‘sexing’. Since males are worthless to the egg industry, they are disposed of like trash, either suffocated to death or ground up alive in large industrial macerators.

A cow has to be made pregnant in order to produce milk, her newborn calf is removed within hours so the farmer can sell her milk.
Birds are hung upside down by their legs on mental shackles along a moving conveyor belt. They move along the production line to a stunning water bath; when the bird’s head makes contact with the water, the bird is stunned. The conveyor belt then moves the birds to a mechanical neck cutter. Another method of poultry slaughter is by gassing until death.

Livestock farming accounts for around 14.5% of our global greenhouse gas emissions - more than the global transport sector.
Lambs are often slaughtered at four months old, although some are killed as young as 10 weeks. Sheep are capable of living between 10 and 15 years.

Up to 400 million somatic (pus) cells are legally allowed in each litre of milk sold in the UK.

Bude Vegans is a great local community page for those who are compassionate about animals, health and the vegan way of life.

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